For my 10th birthday I received a multicolored children’s Walkman cassette player along with a copy of my parent’s favorite album, Dark Side of the Moon. From the moment I heard the heartbeat and cash register effects crescendo into the chorused electric guitar of the opening track, “Breathe,” I knew that music would become my lifetime pursuit. Having taken piano lessons for several years prior, I was inspired to teach myself guitar, bass, and drums. Inevitably, I became fascinated with production and began writing and recording songs with my friend Tyler on my Fantom S-88 workstation.


Fast forward 17 years later and here I am – pursuing the coveted career of a professional audio engineer and music producer. Contrary to popular belief, records are not made by simply holding a microphone up to an instrument and hitting record. Rather, there is a technical and artistic process that imparts songs the aesthetic and feel of a produced recording. The depth, effects, sense of space, stereo spread, tone, warmth, color, and fidelity that we perceive in our favorite songs are attributable not only to great performances, but also to well executed sound engineering, mixing, and mastering.


Alongside loving and very supportive family and friends, music has always been there for me and continues to inspire me to seek out new experiences. I hope to be able to give back to music a small portion of what it has given to me by helping artists realize their musical endeavors. I treat every song as if it were my own and seek to give every recording justice by enabling it to be experienced exactly the way the artist intended. As an audio engineer and music producer, it is important for me to know that I am not the star – you as the artist and your music are, and it is my job to make sure you shine.



Roland and Tyler, circa 2005
Paper Thin Studios, est. 2013

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